Have you ever had an amazing business idea, but you didn’t know where to start?

The Easiest Way You've Ever Seen To Tap Into The Billion Dollar Subscription Industry

How Did We Get A Single Subscription Product To Over One Million Dollars Per Year In Sales?

If you're interested in being your own boss, making your own rules, and earning a living online...

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Build your email list! Our System is not only great for initial sales, it is also a great lead generation tool. This is the lifeline of your business. There are so many ways to generate traffic and income with your email lists. There is potential of generating millions of dollars just from a high quality email list.


We will show you how to Set Up, Test, and Scale, Facebook Ads with an unbeatable strategy. We will run through our ad campaigns and teach you how to structure them properly, step by step. The goal is to break even or make money on the front end, if you do this, you could essentially have unlimited adspend, and your recurring revenue is all profit!


You have completed the modules, you feel good, and you are ready to take control of your life. Set up your listing in as little as 10 minutes. Now that you know everything that it takes to scale a subscription, it should be easy to create content and make your offer irresisible. Get Started Utilizing Our Traffic, and Creating Your Own Traffic!

If you're interested in being your own boss, making your own rules, and earning a living online...

Build Your Subscription Business With The Help Of Our Experts At Empire Subscriptions


We will bring you through our Sales Funnel that is currently generating 7 Figures per month, and we will lay out the whole process in a simplified manner to give you clarity of how we do it, and how you can do it too! Your Mind Needs To Be In The Right Place.


Finding your NICHE and building the PERFECT SCALEABLE OFFER with our formula! We will guide you through the process of product selection, Margins, Shipping, Sourcing and so much more to help you choose the perfect set of products with a High Perceived Value to your Customers that will sell!


We will teach you how to find the perfect audience that is going to LOVE your product, and they will buy it! There are so many ways to generate traffic, we are going to show you every one we know, to get more visitors to your offer.


Retention is Key. We will show you how to properly handle Customer Service and Build a solid Relationship with your customers that will yield sale after sale from your new loyal customers. We are helping you build a business for the long run. That could generate income for years.

Easy Step By Step
with Lifetime Access!

The Empire Team Has Cracked The Code

... What I'm about to share with you could absolutely change your life.

My Name is Brent Sheppard

"We have built a marketplace that helps myself, and others scale thousands of Subscription Boxes together! We have built a network of Entrepreneurs that will open many doors for your future. Our main goal is to teach as many Entrepreneurs our system to scale! IF YOU SUCCEED, WE SUCCEED. "

If there's one thing I know about in this world, it's creating profitable subscription businesses. I've used that knowledge to become a member of the ClickFunnels Two Comma Club for making over 1 million dollars

All with a single winning product

And I want to share that experience with you.

Even people with little or no marketing experience have had life-changing success with the exact systems we have in place. And it can all be done for you because we've been there before.

"It has taken me 2 Years to PERFECT our system to scale subscriptions. Our System has been tested with hundreds of thousands of dollars in ad spend. Plus, thousands of variations have been tested to give you the perfect model. We can help you jump through the hoops without making critical errors that are easy to make without guidance! Let us show you the Secret Sauce, and also how to take action."

Empire Subscriptions Is Your one way Ticket To A Sustainable And Profitable Online Business

Understand, I've spent several years and hundreds of thousands of dollars on advertising, testing and experimenting to find what works - and what doesn't

That's Where You Come In

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Selling online or anywhere else is a formula. Once you crack the code, you can repeat it over and over again, year after year, with student after student...

I want to share this system with individuals who are ready to change their lives today

All of this just confirms what I already know, because it changed my life...

And This Exact Business Model Has Changed Lamar's Life, Too

Tortilla Familia started out selling authentic tortillas on the side of the road, and they've used this model to grow to well over 700 subscribers. They now need a warehouse to hold and process all of their orders!

All with a single winning product

And now it's your turn!

Understand, I've spent several years and hundreds of thousands of dollars on advertising, testing and experimenting to find what works - and what doesn't

That's Where You Come In

If I Handed You The Keys To A Business With The Potential To Make 7 Figures Per Year, What Would That Be Worth To You?

I'm looking for a select few online entrepreneurs get to the life that's on the other side of one decision

PS - If you're one of those people who just skips to the end (no shame in that!) here's what I'm offering you:

The chance to change your life by using my knowledge to build a highly profitable online subscription business

All it takes is one decision. Apply Now

See you on the other side.

- Brent Sheppard

Melbourne, Florida

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